Some Advice On Adding Camping Cots To Your Camping Equipment!

One challenge that goes along with tent camping is trying to make sure that you do get a good night’s sleep. However, there are valid ways to improve this, and one of them is by the usage of camp cots. Camp cots are real favorites of both the military and the scouts. They are able to provide a much better sleeping surface more so than that of the uneven ground. In addition to this, since you are raised up off of the ground, it is sort of closer to home. Finally, do to the fact that you are raised off the ground, there is a less of a chance that you will be bitten by anything. No one wants to get bit by ants or other non-flying types of insects.

Camping cots do come in two types

Camping cots do come in two types and these two types are no other than these. They are no other than end-bar construction and no end-bar construction. End-bar construction is all about being cots that do have the poles that make “Xs” on the end of them. They are ideal for offering complete support and comfort for the body. They are also every inch stable as well.

The no-end bar construction cots are all about being cots that have four rectangular bars that are each spaced out evenly along the cot itself. These kind of cots are something that are far more geared for decks and homes than anything else on the average. One of the main advantages that they clearly offer for tent camping is this and that is because the rectangular bars themselves don’t have sharp ends on them. What this means is that they are very unlikely to cut any holes into your tent floor.

Almost all of the camping cots are made from a polyester fabric

It doesn’t matter what the type of cot is in essence. A good many of camping cots are made from polyester fabric. What is great about camping cots that are constructed from polyester fabric is clear and that is they are sure to be long-lasting in description. In addition to, being hanging around a long time, they are usually water resistant as well. The frame for cots are also something that is made to be strong and durable. They are usually made from straight aluminum or from a blend of both aluminum and steel. Gone are days when these cot frames were made out of wood. Camping cot wooden frames would usually warp out and were very heavy in weight by comparison. What is also great about camping cot frames is clear and that is that they can be folded and that makes them ideal for easy/fast storage. In addition, a good many camping cots today, do come complete with a carrying case that can be used for easy carrying around.

The weights for camping cots is also something that does greatly vary

The weight of camping cots is something that does differ from cot to cot. However, overall, the weight can start as low as 8 pounds and go all the way up to as much as 25 pounds. The price range for camping cots I also something that can range greatly as does the weight. The cost for a camping cot can go from $20 to $140 in price tag. What is great about the more higher end camping cot choices is clear. What is that? The answer is clear. The high end camping cots are cots that visibly more support, padding, and some do have the ability to be converted into a lounge chair. Although these type of camping cots are something that do tend to weigh in a little more, about 22 pounds to be exact, they are well worth their weight. Because, to be honest, you don’t have to bring along a lounge chair as well.

How do you choose a camping cot?

The best way to choose camping cot is clear. You do it with the tips that are given here. You also choose the one camping cot that does work the best for you and your camping requirements for it in every way. The right camping cot will make itself known to you in its own kind of way. However, if it doesn’t, find out as much information about it as you can before purchasing it. It’s as simple as that.

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