How To Both Maintain And Repair Your Skateboard As Required By You?

How do you go about replacing Grip Tape?

The truth is this. Nothing does indeed last forever. The very same can be said about the grip tape that is on skateboards. This will tend to apply more if you do skateboarding out in the rain or do skateboard a lot on the average. If your grip tape is of inferior quality, it won’t hold up for long, and it will wear down very fast. However, when the grip tape does get to where it is no longer abrasive, you should then just replace it. What are some of the high quality grip tapes to use? The answer is no other than Mob, Jessup, and Black Diamond.

What are some of the things you need in order to change out grip tape? Read on to learn more. They are:

*Some new Grip Tape

*A Skate Deck

*A Razor

*A Hair Dryer

*A Skateboard Tool or Wrench and a Screwdriver

These are the following steps to remove old grip tape and replace it with new grip tape. They are:

  1. Do take off the skate trucks first.
  2. Take the hair dryer and heat up the deck. Take the hair dryer and heat up the grip tape. Apply the heat for a few minutes on the grip tape. What you are trying to achieve with this process is to successfully separate the old grip tape away from the deck itself.
  3. Do start at the nose or the tail of the board itself and use the razor to try and remove some of the grip tape.
  4. When you have managed to get some of the grip tape up, you should then grab a hold of the grip itself, and then attempt to remove the grip tape away from the deck.
  5. Make sure that all of the old grip tape has been completely removed off of the deck. You can then commence to apply the new grip tape carefully. See here on just how to apply the new grip tape.

How do you tighten up and or loosen the wheels?

This is a very simple and not a hard job to do at all. If anything, you are able to do this quickly, and all you need are the following things. Get a skateboard or a 1/2 wrench to use on the axle nuts. You just need to turn the axle nuts clockwise to tighten them up or turn them counter-clockwise in order to loosen them up. Please do make a note not to do any overtightening at all. If the wheels don’t seem like they want to spin freely, you may have to loosen the axle nut a bit, and continue doing it until the wheels do seem to want to spin. You do also want to make sure that there is enough thread touching the nut or the wheels could pretty much come off if you are out and about riding. No one will want this to happen to them. See if you are able to loosen up the wheels with your fingers first. If you can do this with your fingers, the nut hasn’t been screwed on tight enough, and proceed to tighten them up.

How do you tighten up and or loosen the trucks?

You can use a skateboard tool or a 9/16 wrench in order to use directly on the truck’s king pin. You can then proceed to tighten it up by turning it clockwise and if you need to loosen it up. You go in the opposite direction, which is counter clockwise, in order to loosen it up a bit. Do make sure that you can’t loosen the nut up with your fingers. If you are able to do this with your fingers, the nut is indeed far too loose, and that isn’t a good thing. You should make sure that the nuts are tightened up just right and nothing less than that. Because, to be honest, it is a part of ensuring that you have a safe ride as you go along with your skateboard out and about.

What are the best trucks for skateboard?

The best trucks for skateboard are the ones that go along with the skateboard itself. You just can’t put the wrong trucks on any skateboard and expect them to be the best trucks for that skateboard. They have to be the right ones and that is it.

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