Is A Stabilizer Really Required On A Hunting Bow Or Not?

I have my own unique kind of elk hunting strategy. My elk hunting strategy is all about one thing and that is to go hard and light as much as possible. I try to shave off as many ounces that I can from my kit.

I am a person that does scrimp when it comes down to food and overnight gear. Therefore, why should I add a stabilizer to my compound bow that is heavy in description, and unless it is something critical? This is what the context is all about, for the three different stabilizers, which I will openly test on three varying types of bows. What will my conclusion be after using 1200 arrows? If you are a hunter who does walkabout, and who is prone to keeping their shots within 40 yards, you may not even need to have a stabilizer at all. A stabilizer that is long and or heavy isn’t it.

A stabilizer is an optional accessory when?

One would consider this to be a surprising conclusion. This is especially true, because the archery industry does stress just how crucial it is, that a stabilizer is an essential part of a hunting bow. However, my study does point out one thing, and that thing is this. It is that unless you shoot directly into a heavy crosswind, prefer to use an ultra light type bow, or stretch out any of your shots past the 40 yards. It will definitely prove to be an optional accessory for sure.

 Assessing Stability of Stabilizers

What stabilizers do best is to add forward weight to the bow itself. It also helps to balance it in hand, and due to the additional mass, it also helps to absorb some of the vibration that is produced as a result of the power stroke of the bow itself.

There are some that do make the claim that the stabilizer does help to reduce the presence of noise as well. However, in my personal experiment, where I did measure the noise output of two bows of which one had a stabilizer and the other one didn’t. I did make the conclusion that only a minimal reduction in noise is the result.

What is the real value of stabilizers?

The real value of stabilizers has everything to do with the weight that they do add to the bow itself. When they are this way, they are very much like the barrel weight in a gun, and that is what makes them valuable and of real value. If a gun has a barrel that is heavy in weight, the more it will be, a gun that will stay on target all the time. Benchrest shooters do use bull barreled rifles for this very reason. It is also the reason why Olympic archers do use bows that have long and heavy stabilizers about them. However, the one amazing fact is this, and that is that neither of these two groups have to haul their gear over any steep or difficult terrain. Simple as that.

What is the final conclusion here?

The final conclusion is this. It is something that is very important. Stabilizers do indeed increase accuracy for those who do use bows. Accuracy is the one thing that a bow hunter or shooter does want to use at all times. It doesn’t matter if you are hunting from a tree-stand or on the ground blind. It can even be in a situation where weight isn’t a consideration at all. A stabilizer should always be used for one reason and that reason is to improve one’s accuracy at all times. It helps to maximize accuracy as much as possible. A stabilizer will always be an elective when there is highly mobile hunting situations going on. Because in these kind of hunting situations, weight is something which must be taken into strong consideration, as it makes the real difference between getting game or not.

How can you make your bow better?

The best way to make your bow better is to do everything you can to make it better. If it means getting a stabilizer for your bow, you should do it, and you should do anything that is necessary to make your bow work very good and accurately during archery of any kind.

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