What Makes For The Best CB Radio Antenna To Buy?

I have been driving a tractor trailer for more than 10 years now. I am also a proud member of numerous CB Radio Forums as well. The very same can be said about me for Truck Driver Forums too.

This is a question that I do see and get a lot of the time. Therefore, I will attempt to answer it, here and now for all to get to know better.

You made it through truck driving school with flying colors. You now need a CB Radio. Okay, where do you start, and go from here? First of all, you need to do some research, and this research is in depth on the subject of CB Radios. Do you want do want a standard 10 meter radio or a standard 11 meter CB Radio? Well, to be honest, it is going to have to be the latter. Why is that? The answer is clear. Because in order to have the other radio, you do need to be licensed Ham Operator, in order to own a standard 10 meter CB Radio. It is illegal otherwise for anyone else to own a standard 10 meter CB Radio.

CB radio operators are only permitted to do their talking on the 11 meter band CB Radio

There are 40 channels that exist within the 11 meter band. There are no CB channels that go beyond 1- 26.965 or above the channel of 40- 27.405. It is okay for CB Radio users to operate between the two channels listed.. However, they aren’t allowed to operate, if they have a CB radio that has been worked on. This is something that will be discussed later on here. There are numerous types of CB Radios to choose from that are legal to use in the United States.

Here is a working list of some of the basic legal radios that can be used in the U.S. today without having to have an Amateur radio license. They are:

*Cobra 25 LTD, 29 LTD, 148 GTL, 19 DX, the list goes on

*Texas Ranger 696, 121,966

*Uniden Pro 538 with weather, 510 XL, PC 68 XL, PC 68, LTW, PC 78 XL, the list goes on

*Galaxy 949 and Galaxy 959

A lot of these basic legal radio channels can be used

A lot of the basic legal radio channels featured here are able to be used. Nonetheless, they must not be modified in any way, and this includes such things as Peak and Tune. What is Peak and Tune? Peak and Tune is a feature where the power on the radio itself has been turned up. These radios come from the factory with a legal setting of 4 watts on them. If they are tuned properly, they can go up to 35 watts, and this is not something that the FCC does allow.

A lot of truck drivers do tend to go to, the nearest CB shop, and that is to do one thing. They go there to pay $50 to $100 to get a Connex Board and a peak and tune to their radios. What is the Connex Board? The Connex Board is an echo feature that is added to the inside of the radio itself. What this feature does is to echo the voice and it adds a talk back feature that so radio operators can hear themselves talking through external speakers.

Never buy a cheap antenna to go along with your radio

A lot of truck drivers out there do buy a decent radio and pay about $150 for it. However, the one thing, which they fail to do is to purchase a good antenna to go along with their radio. Why is that? They either think a cheaper one will save them money or work just as adequately as a more pricier one would. Nonetheless, the truth is this, and that is your antenna is about 95% of your CB outfit. A cheap antenna is a no go and not something you want for your CB radio. What you do want to get for your radio is a Wilson antenna. You should get a Wilson 2000 or 5000 and have a tech install it for you on the radio. You will then be able to set your SWR or Standing Wave Ratio to make your radio talk the best.

It is the best CB radio reviews that deliver the best CB radio equipment to you

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a high quality CB Radio, antenna, or anything else that is CB in nature. It is the best CB radio reviews that deliver the best CB radio equipment to you at all times.

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