Some Great Occupations For Those Who Are Avid Bowhunters

If you are every inch the addicted bow hunter like me, then I know you wish, you could hunt five days a week nonstop and work at the same time. Nonetheless, unless you are lucky, this is something that just isn’t a working reality. I, myself, am fortunate enough to be working in an industry that permits me to hunt a lot during deer season. It wasn’t planned this way. However, I’m glad it did work out, and I would dread the day when I have to return to a regular 9 to 5 job that will take away from my hunting time. If you are looking for a certain type of career path that may lead up to more time in the tree. Here are some great occupations that may prove to be a good and fitting choice for you overall.

A Teacher

In addition to, doing all of the organizing for the Field Staff of, Scott Sanderson is a school teacher for elementary school students in Pennsylvania. He was able to harvest a buck during some time off in October of last year.

Being a teacher may not seem to be the first profession to come to mind when you think of professions that permit one to hunt. However, think about it, because teachers do get lots of days off during the winter time. They get Thanksgiving, Halloween, and break from Christmas that is longer than the normal break is. Plus, dependent on school hours alone, teachers do usually get off work in plenty of time to get a tree stand in the evening time. They also get off season scouting time, when they are off, due to summer break and spring break.

The Lawn Care Industry

I have been working in this industry for a little more than 10 years now. I love it. In the wintertime, work does tend to slack off, but this is great. It especially works out well if one is an avid deer hunter. Nonetheless, you do have to be real good with money, because you will have to be funded throughout the season. No one feels like eating Ramen noodles all season because they have no money and are broke.

A Nurse

Another profession you wouldn’t think of off-hand is that of a nurse. Because there wouldn’t seem to be plenty of hunting time. However, there is a friend of mine who is a nurse, and he gets far more time to do hunting than I do. He works three days a week, for about 12 to 14 hours each day, and gets about 4 days off to hunt. An avid bow hunter would dream of having this kind of hunting time off.

A Doctor or Lawyer

Just like a business owner, there are doctors, lawyers, and even those private practice owners are able to set their own hours of when they work. A lawyer who is very successful and is one of the biggest lawyers in my area has a deer hunting plantation of their own in Alabama. I can tell from the looks of the Facebook page he has, he is obviously, more at the plantation then he is at his job. This type of job has a giant salary attached to it as well. It can be ideal for those who do want to bow hunt. If you want to be a diehard bow hunter of the best kind, it isn’t cheap, and we all know that is true.

A HVAC Professional

I have a lot of friends, and even a few family members, who do have their own heating and air companies. Some of them are deer hunters and others aren’t. It does seem in the winter time. They do appear to have lots more time on their hands to be in the woods. It’s true that heating units don’t have half the trouble air conditioners do appear to have on the average. Therefore, once it starts to cool off, the work flow slows down. It doesn’t matter if you own your own company, or do work for one, it is indeed a great career path for those who love to hunt with the bow a lot.

All of the jobs listed here are indeed great jobs for bow hunters to consider doing as a choice of career.


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