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Hospitality High School is closed today, 

February 26, 2015, due to inclement weather conditions.

All evening activities and classes are cancelled.  

Updated:     2/26/2015,     7:20:11 AM

Hospitality High's New Home
Grand Opening & Luncheon
Friends of Hospitality
Hospitality Celebrates...
Culinary Skills of Hospitality
Hands on Experience
The Finished Product
Staff Lounge
Spectacular View
  • Hospitality High's New Home
    The four-story, red-brick building was originally home to the Grand United Order of the Odd Fellows in America, an African-American organization (photo by Carol Ross Joynt)
  • Grand Opening & Luncheon
    Richard Marriott of Marriott Foundation cuts the ribbon at the new site of Hospitality High. Marriott has been involved with the school since its beginning. (photo by Carol Ross Joynt)
  • Friends of Hospitality
    Richard Marriott and HHS alumna Paige Woods. “We are thrilled to be here", says Marriott. "[This move] will prove great for our great young students.” (photo by Rebecca Copper)
  • Hospitality Celebrates...
    Emily Durso, one of Hospitality's founders (at left) and HHS Executive Director, Tiffany Godbout-Williams. (photo by Rebecca Cooper)
  • Luncheon
    Guests of the grand opening and luncheon
  • Culinary Skills of Hospitality
    Meal for luncheon prepared by students and staff of Hospitality High School. (photo by Rebecca Cooper)
  • Hands on Experience
    Taylor Turner (left) and Mariyah Parson prepare desserts for the luncheon in the new culinary kitchen. (photo by Carol Ross Joynt)
  • The Finished Product
    This decadent dessert, including chocolate brownie, vanilla bean ice cream and cotton candy, was a hit among the guests of the luncheon (photo by Rebecca Cooper)
  • Classroom
    Typical classroom setting at the new building (photo by Rebecca Cooper)
  • Classroom
    Chemistry Lab in the new Hospitality High School
  • Staff Lounge
    A tranquil setting that will allow the staff to rejuvenate and regroup to further educate the students of Hospitality (photo by Rebecca Cooper)
  • Spectacular View
    Hospitality's roof deck, named for Emily Durso, may become home to a garden where students can learn to cultivate and harvest vegetables and plants. (photo by Rebecca Cooper)
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Hospitality High School Prepares DCers for Careers

 An outstanding article by Stephen Lileinthal was recently featured in Capital Community News highlighting the outcome of our Teachers' and students' hard work.  READ MORE...


Hospitality Opens Doors

to New Building in

Grand Style

Click  to view articles and video of exclusive press coverage of the June 5th Grand Opening Celebration




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Hospitality in the Media

Hospitality in the Media




Hospitality High School
1851 9th Street NW
Washington, DC 20001 
Phone: (202) 737-4150 • Fax: (202) 737-4151

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